Success Stories

Stella's Story

My Experience with Slimmer Body/DKWS

I am so happy that I don't know how to express!!


  I saw this place several times before but never took the time to stop by. This time my heart compelled me to stop and enquire. The same day that I stopped by and talked to Dr. Kaur, I felt immediately at home and talked to her a little and found a lot of satisfaction and peace in doing so. Then I made an appointment with her to go over my issues. I have been tired and very tired in my life pleasing other people. I discussed with Dr. Kaur how this has affected me internally and therefore affecting the physical part of my life. I felt extremely comfortable in sharing my true problems with her. I totally unloaded myself and felt so much relieved. After we went through the consultation, she put me on the program.  I started the recommended program and almost immediately felt the benefits. The infra red sauna and frequency stimulations along with special water are fascinating. Almost after fourth week, my appearance started to change dramatically. The people I know started making comments on my new way of thinking and how happy I look and how differently I have started to conduct myself. I look and feel so much calm and happy. Working with Dr. Kaur has given me a total different outlook and her products have made me look and feel better. I have started to lose weight which I struggled before, and I can think more clearly.

What more should I say, all good things are happening to me since I started to come here and started this program. I feel like SlimmerBody is my second home.

I recommend this place/program to whoever needs it and hope that they will find whatever they are looking for. I can say for me that I found it right here at SlimmerBody with Dr. Kaur.

My name is Stella Espada and I mean every word of what I have said here.

Written by:

Stella Maris Espada

April 03, 07

Adrine's Story

I Got My Health Back


Tears of happiness flow from my eyes, when I think of how much of a difference the cleansing has made in my life!

I use every single opportunity, to talk about this life changing procedure and especially about the person who made it available.

It all started about two years ago, that I noticed strange symptoms like frequent changes in my blood pressure, swelling of different parts of my body, specially my face and fatigue and dizziness because of no reason, that were happening daily.

The first logical step was going through every necessary medical test prescribed by various physicians that I met during these two years. None of these test showed any reason for the symptoms that I was suffering from. My health situation was getting worse daily. It was so bad, that I desperately was using any medicine--prescribed and over the counter--to solve the problem and rescue myself and my family members, which were also suffering from this situation.

It was because of my husband's strong belief in natural remedies, and also because of not getting results from all other traditional sources, that I accepted to try alternative therapies.

My husband already found the source that we were going to refer through long research, and thank god it was one of the best.

After reviewing the results of tests and some additional ones done in her office, Dr. Kaur did a short interview with me, going through all the details of the symptoms. After analyzing all the facts she suggested an extensive cleansing program using formulas made with fresh herbs, and also changes in diet.

After a few months, I almost forgot what I was going through. Sometimes still for a short period of time the symptoms are reoccurring, which are normal according to Dr. Kaur, who told me that the process may take a year.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Dr. Kaur.


Adrine S.

Glendale, CA 

This was more than a year ago. Now I can confidently say that I completely forgot about the painful moments of suffering, but I will never forget about the person who fixed the problem.

I and my family members will stay loyal clients of Dr. Kaur.

Amy's Story

Chronic Fatigue Success Story

I became a patient of Dr Kaur's last year (2003), and strictly followed her programs for 8 months. My chief complaint was that of a longstanding, severe, overwhelming chronic fatigue, which I've had since I was 17 years old and now I am 47. Dr. Kaur had me do numerous cleanses (parasite, kidney, liver cleanse), and put me on several supplements. She also had me on some other detoxification agents.

It took a couple of months before I began to feel better. It was during the liver cleanses that I started feeling some energy. That probably had something to do with the many hundreds of little green stones that were floating in the toilet after each liver cleanse! At this point, I started feeling better and better. I also lost about 10 pounds without any diet or exercise at all.

At this time, I am feeling 100% better than when I first started on her program. I am much more energetic, and am able to take classes, which I've been unable to do for years because of chronic fatigue. And of course, my mental outlook is vastly improved since I am feeling so much better physically. I am much brighter and more cheerful now. I have a happier and much more pleasant attitude towards myself, others and life in general.

Dr. Kaur has made a huge difference in my life, and I'm so grateful to her. Thanks very much for everything.


Amy Coleman

January 2004

Dr. Kaur's Personal
Weight / Inch Loss Success Story

Dr. Kaur started SlimmerBody in year 2001. Her desire was to develop a program that was nutritional, provided body cleansing and provided detoxification, which in combination increase the overall efficiency of the body to perform better. At the same time the program should be doable, practical to use, have scientific solid background and be one where body works with your plan and doesn't antagonize what you intend to do. Keeping all this in mind, she developed her program and decided to try it on herself to check the validity before feeling comfortable to propose to her clients.

This "Before" photo was taken in year 2002. At that time she weighed 139 pounds and had some body figure issues. Her target was to get to 125 pounds and have smoother and better body shape. The program mainly was a combination of body wraps, body shaping garments, detoxification and cleansing, and dietary supplementation.

Quite by accident, this photo of Dr. Kaur was taken around that time, while she was standing in relation to two mirrors such that she could be seen in profile, in front and in back talking to her clients. Three years later, not at all by accident, the exact same picture was re-posed and re-taken in the same outfit to provide an extraordinarily accurate before-after comparison.

In year 2004/2005, majority of the goals were accomplished as you can see in the "After" picture. The weight target of 125 was achieved and until today is well maintained. The belly bulge totally disappeared and she felt really great about the whole program.

If you would like to know how to achieve your body shaping/weight targets, you may set up a consultation with her where she will be more than happy to address your specific isssues and help design a program what will fulfill your goals. Remember, you are the major player in this.

Testimonial for Liver Cleanse

Liver Detox Amazing

The liver detox blew me away, it was a fast process only really one day but the results were fabulous. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the green, cherry sized stones releasing. Wow! And also almond sized brown colored stones.

I can't wait until I do the second and third one.

Dr. Swaraj is amazing. She is patient and so willing to help in my healing journey.

I am very touched by her care for me.

Received 04/20/06 from a Slimmer Body client.

Warning: These are pictures of defecation.

Lucy's Story

I started coming to Slimmer Body in 2003!!! and have done many of the treatments offered here. I've made comments below about some of the treatments that I have done and how they affected me.

Body Wrap -- I have gotten 3!!! body wraps. They helped with the scars on my thighs. They also helped me lose some inches and helped my skin to clear up.

Bowel Cleanse -- I had a lot of gas and felt bloated, but after the cleanse, I felt lighter. It also helped me with my period. I started my period at the end of the clenase.

July 2006

Lupe's Story

No More Pain Medication No More Surgery


November 4, 2007

My name is Lupe (Lou) Dominguez and I would like to share with you my experience at Slimmer body. In order for someone to appreciate the phenomenal results I have received they must understand my medical history.

My experience at Slimmer Body began over a year ago. I was constantly fatigued regardless of the amount of sleep I had. I felt as if my eye sockets were at my cheekbone, I dragged myself through each day. That was one reason why I sought the expertise of Dr. Kaur. The other reason why was due to my new knee injury. This time the damage to my knee was severe because, I developed osteoarthritis. The doctor I was seeing at the time told me I needed an osteotomy. An osteotomy is a surgery that is done prior to a knee replacement to preserve it.   This surgery would give me 10 years before I would need a total knee replacement. Knee replacement surgeries after an osteotomy come with major complications. I was between a stone and a hard place, contemplating if I would be better off if I just waited until my knee blew out. In the past 10 years I have had four shoulder surgeries and an arthroscopic surgery on each knee. The recovery for each was long and painful, which made me extremely reluctant to have another surgery. Regardless of the excruciating pain I was dealing with I refused to have another surgery.

To take the edge off the pain I took darvacet by day, vicodin by night. Most nights sleep did not come easy because of the pain. I then began taking a sleep aid, but that was only slightly effective for a short period. I soon resorted to doubling my dose of vicodin because one no longer gave me relief. I also had to ice my knee everyday after work. None of my prescriptions were effective in giving me the relief I needed or allowing me to get adequate rest.

First hand I was experiencing how extremely damaging narcotics are for the body and I grew weary of taking them. I sought out alternatives.   A relative who was insistent I stop taking the narcotics suggested I try cannabis. Being that I do not smoke, he told me cannabis is available in several forms. One of these several forms is candy. Long story short, I tried the candy and became ill for three days.  That was the last and only time I tried that particular alternative. Regardless of this set back I was still determined to find an alternative method to my health issues. That was when a business acquaintance referred me to Dr. Kaur; by this point I had nothing to lose.  

My alternative method began with the body cleanses and a specific homeopathic medicine for the knee. I immediately stopped taking the other narcotics.  As time progressed Dr. Kaur modified the treatments as needed. One of my first noted results of improvement was when I no longer had to ice my knee, even after a session at the gym. After six months I was only experiencing slight discomfort in my knee.  It is now a year and a half later and I no longer suffer from any amount of pain. My ability to walk up and down the stairs has improved.Two years ago my doctors told me that there was no other option but surgery. Thankfully, there was another alternative because, I have done extremely well, no surgery is scheduled; a surgery would have put me on disability for a minimum of six months. Also, I no longer have to consume narcotics which cause significant kidney and liver damage. Dr. Kaur's remedies have stimulated overall wellness in the body without causing harmful side affects.

I feel refreshed; I am no longer dragging myself through the day. I have the assurance of my health back as well as the ability to sleep better.

I am a strong advocator for Dr. Kaur's remedies, and Dr. Kaur's expertise. I see Dr. Kaur for all my health issues and I now have my daughter seeing her as well.

I recommend Dr. Kaur to everyone who has tried everything else and has not succeeded. Our health is the most important thing.

 Melodie's Story

Weight / Inch Loss Success Story


                                                                    Before                After

I came to Slimmer Body in July 2001. I had recently broken up with my husband and was the heaviest I had ever been in my entire life. I wanted to start dating but my self-esteem left something to be desired. I was very curious about the body wrap and hopeful that this would be my "miracle." I went twice in one week and the first visit I lost 12 inches. Who could ask for more?! It was the immediate gratification I was looking for. I just had to remember that this wasn't something that I did, so I couldn't go out and eat anything and everything in sight. This was an immediate start to a new me. I started to watch what I was eating and when I was eating and I also started to exercise.

I also noticed that my stomach wasn't bloated and painful as it had been. I looked and felt healthier than I had in a long, long time.

I wrapped once a week for about two months and then I went to every other week and then once a month. Within that amount of time I lost 50 inches and approximately 14 pounds. People at work couldn't believe it. My complexion got better; I felt healthy and my skin was never dried and it didn't matter what the weather was like.

This was the best thing I have ever done for myself and I will continue to wrap at least once in a while for the rest of my life. Tonight I'm having my face taped for the first time.

Oh yeah, one other thing, my self-esteem improved dramatically and I'm dating a wonderful man for the last few months.

Last thought, if anyone tells you this doesn't work and that the inches will come right back--they're wrong! I have not wrapped since October and I'm still wearing the same size as I did the last time I wrapped.

Melodie Johnson

March 14, 2002

Melissa's Story

Beautiful Wedding Story


 At the beginning of summer in 2008, I got frustrated over planning my wedding and decided to elope in the beginning of September. Following the Chinese tradition of picking “good days”, I picked a date that was two days before my husband's brother's wedding. I was determined to lose weight so I bought my wedding dress and the dress I was wearing to my brother-in-law's wedding in 2 dress sizes (size 6) smaller so it would motivate me.

I began to go to Bikram yoga at least three times a day and I started Weight Watchers in mid-May. I began to lose weight but I was still puffy. So I started to look around for body wraps to help me slim down. I found Slimmer Body through Citysearch and I contacted them. However, at that time, Slimmer Body was closed for Dr. Kaur's personal reasons. I was disappointed so I decided increase my exercise to going to Bikram yoga and walking 5 miles 5x a week. By August, I had lost 10lbs but I still didn't fit into my dresses.

I was starting to lost hope until I received an email from Dr. Kaur that she is open for business again and that I can schedule an appointment with her. I went in for my appointment in mid- August and I met Dr. Kaur, who is extremely caring for my well being and sweet. I lost about 8inchs after my first wrap. I was a little disappointed. However, Dr. Kaur told me to go home and try on my dress anyways. I went home and slipped into my dress. To my surprise, I was able to zip up both dresses. I was ecstatic! Over the next few weeks, I went in for three more wraps. By my third wrap, I had lost 17 inches. I also used the stomach wash to help clean my system. I fit perfectly into both my dresses on both wedding days. I not only look great but I felt great too. It has been a little over 4 weeks after my last body wrap and I haven't gained any of my inches back. Thank you Dr. Kaur for helping me look the way I want on my special day!

Melissa C.

Pros: The knowledge, professionalism, and honesty that Dr. Kaur has on being healthy
The products work!

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