BIA Test on a tray at DKWS

BIA Test

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis or Bio Impedance Analysis (BIA) is an assessment of the "body composition," body fat in relation to lean body mass. It also provides the cellular hydration levels. The test is a non invasive test and provides the health of an individual at a cellular level. Cellular health represents vitality and longevity. Better cellular health means lesser health compromises whereas lower cellular health would show person's risk to diseases namely cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, skin diseases and others...Read More BIA Test

Bio-Balance Test on a Tray at DKWS

Bio-Balance Test

The entire body systems work under a very strict pH system where the enzymes can operate optimally. The test is done to find out the overall state of acidity and alkalinity of the body. The test can be done easily at home with the given instructions. It is a short and quick test but the results can give a direction where an individual stands and how better health can be achieved...Read More Bio Balance

Corona Test on a stand at DKWS

Corona Test

Kirlian photography is a way of showing energy of the body visually. The purpose of the test is to see overall state of well being of an individual. The image that is formed called corona is caused by pulsed high-frequency waves. Every living organism radiates a unique wave field that then exhibits measurable and extended force. It is a simple and quick test and the pictures are captured in a camera. The photographs show a person’s health in the form of corona either intact or broken indicating the health status...Read More Corona Test

Hair Mineral Analysis on a tray at DKWS

Hair Mineral Analysis

Hair Mineral Analysis in a noninvasive test to measure the hair mineral content. Hair is considered a soft tissue and contains minerals that are deposited as it grows. The hair part that is closest to the scalp provides good information about mineral composition in the hair. In addition, the hair mineral analysis provides information about metabolic rate, energy levels, the stress in the body, immunity and glandular activity. In addition the heavy metal toxicity can also be detected through this test. Mainly the minerals that are tested fall under the categories of Macro minerals, trace minerals and toxic minerals...Read More Hair Mineral

HCG Test on a tray at DKWS

HCG Test

This test is also known as Navarro’s test and detects the presence of cancer cells even before signs or symptoms develop. This test is indifferent to the type of cancer in the body. This is based on a theory that a misplaced trophoblastic cell when becomes malignant secretes HCG similar to pregnancy. As a result, presence of HCG in urine or blood indicates the degree of malignance depending on the amount of HCG in test sample...Read More HCG Test

MSA Test on a shelf at DKWS

MSA Test

Meridian Stress Assessment is a test that checks body’s functional health through energetic pathways within the organs and tissues of the body. Acu points along the meridians are specific locations that are used in this test to assess the functional health status of organs. In this test the readings are taken from specific acu points in the hands and feet to check the energy blocks. Recommendations are then made to bring the energetic disturbances back to balance...Read More MSA Test


Pulse Oximeter on a table at DKWS

Oximeter Test

Pulse oximeter is a simple device that indirectly detects the levels of oxygen in the blood. Since all biological functions within the body take place in the presence of oxygen, it is extremely important to maintain high levels of oxygen in the body. The anaerobic bacteria cannot grow in the presence of oxygen. This simple method gives an idea how much oxygen is carried in the blood...Read More Oximeter Test


Our Toxicity Testing Kit on a tray at DKWS

Toxicity Testing

This is a frequency based test and therefore can only measure the presence and/or absence of toxins and/or parasites in the body. It is a non diagnostic test and does the measurement qualitatively. Based on the results of the test, an action plan can be formulated to help the body to heal itself. Different kinds of pollutants and parasites can be detected using this test...Read More Toxicity Testing