Aromatherapy being administered at DKWS

Steam Bath

 Steam sauna promotes detoxification through wet heat thereby opening the pores and increasing circulation. The wet heat does cleansing for the body by dilating the blood vessels.  More oxygen is able to circulate and as a result body starts to get rid of waste material by sweating first and then by organs of eliminations. Heat and humidity is a key part of this detoxification and estimated to be 30% of detoxification through perspiration. The addition of essential oils to create the aroma enhances the detoxification process...Read More Armatherapy

Body Wrap process at DKWS

Body Wrap

People have been making efforts to keep the body appealing and healthy since time began. Different means and methods have been developed through the ages to make the body look attractive yet healthy and dynamic. As we get closer to the chemical environment that we live in now, we realize that we are getting below...Read More

Chi Machine on a stand at DKWS

Chi Machine

The chi machine is a simple yet extremely effective machine for detoxifaication and oxygenation of the body system. It is done in a very relaxed environment so there is no tension on the body. The machine moves from side to side in a figure of eight. This movement enhances the body's oxygenation thereby helping the cellular funcations within the body. This movement also aligns the spine. Especially for the people who are unable to do heavy duty exercise, this machine can turn out to be the ideal choice...Read More Chi Machine


Someone receiving a Face Wrap at DKWS

Face Wrap

First, we clean the face with lukewarm water to take off any make up. After drying the face, an avocado based exfoliating cream is applied on the fade. After the dead skin is peeled off, the face is washed. You sit or lie down in the most comfortable position totally relaxed. A skin tightening face mask is applied with special clay with high antioxidants to nourish and rejuvenate the skin while skin is getting tighter. The mask is taken off and a nutritionally rich solution is then sprayed all over the face until it is absorbed....Read More

Someone receiving a Foot Spa at DKWS

Foot Spa

Foot spa uses non invasive energetic therapy technology to re-energize the life force energy within us. It is not used to treat an ailment but revitalize and recharge the body so it can function optimally. That means this vital energy enhances the bodily functions to improve its overall health. Anyone can use the foot spa because of the easy method and multiple benefits. One of the main benefits is a quick feeling of freshness and body detoxification...Read More Foot Spa


Someone receiving an Infra-Red Sauna treatment at DKWS

Infra Red Sauna

Infra red light saunas use infrared heat lamps for heating and emit near infrared, some middle infrared and a small amount of far infrared energy.  Infrared energy penetrates the skin and hearts from the inside as well as on the skin. However, plenty of sweating occurs at lower but more comfortable temperatures. The rays may penetrate up to three inches and highly effective in detoxification of the body. IR sauna activates the cells, supports metabolic processes, cellular regeneration and decouples toxins. It is a comfortable yet extremely effective treatment...Read More IR Sauna

Magic Massager on a stand at DKWS

Magic Massager

The oxygenating massager does a whole body massage along with infra red light. It is used for slimming and/or relaxation needs. The infra red light gently heats the area while the massager gives different levels of vibrations. The massager can be used for the whole body or the area of interest and the times can vary depending on the need. Massages promote improves lymph flow and removes toxic waste from the body. Therefore they are an important part of overall detoxification and promote health...Read More Magic Massager

Vibrator Exerciser machine at DKWS

Vibrator Exerciser

Vibrator exerciser is a machine that is used to create vibrations that are sent throughtout the body. The person who is using the machine does not do anything but stands and use the posture that gives the best results for their body. The vibrations causes increased blood flow thereby increasing blood oxygenation. This treatment strengthens and tones the muscles without much effort by the user...Read More Vibrator Exerciser