Acunavigator System on a tray at DKWS


Acunavigation is a unique device that helps locating the energy blocks using a probe on the hand. After location, the energy blocks are cleared using electricity magnetism, light and sound. It is believed that once the energy flow inside a body system is compromised, the physical body will reflect that in  the form of a disease. The treatment is in a relaxed environment and completely pain free...Read More Acunavigation

Blood Purification Silver Pulser on a tray at DKWS

Blood Purifier

Sliver pulser is a small unit that emits specific electrical impulses. It produces an environment that is detrimental for the pathogens. This treatment disables microbes that are in the blood. The procedure is relatively simple and electrodes are placed on the skin directly over the arteries while that device injects current into bloodstream through the skin. This deactivates the viruses and bacterial and they lose the ability to infect the cells and the immune system removes this load from the body...Read More Blood Purifier
Electrical Stimulation machine at DKWS

Electric Stimulation

Electrical stimulation is a simple process to provide electrical current to an area of choice like a single muscle or group of muscles. The stimulation causes the muscle to contract and relax thereby the muscle gets strengthened. This process increases the blood supply to that area that supports healing. The electro stimulation relieves different kinds of pain including low back pain, myofascial and arthritic pain, neurogenic pain and postsurgical pain...Read More Electric Stimulation
Light and Sound Therapy at DKWS

Light & Sound

Light and Sound frequency Bio Stimulation is a process to get centered, balance and activate the chakras where the bio energetic activity is emanating. These chakras regulate the flow of energy through our energy system. In essence, the functioning of these chakras reflects the decisions we make in our everyday life. The chakras are associated with our physical, metal and emotional including psychological states. Properly balanced chakras make us feel happy and healthy...Read More Light & Sound


Magnetic Pulser on a tray at DKWS

Magnetic Pulser

Magnetic Pulser generates momentary pulsed DC magnetic field to disable microbes for improving wellness. The pulsed magnetic field helps neutralize germinating and other incubating parasites to block re-infection within the body. Elimination of parasites then speeds up the elimination of disease by thorough detoxification. The process is simple yet effective as the penetration is at least 9 inches in the body through the clothing...Read More Magnetic Pulser

Multiple Frequency Stimulation machine at DKWS

Multiple Frequency

Multiple Frequencies are introduced into the body that are harmful to parasites, bacteria and viruses. It is a very simple way and perfectly safe for tissues, immune system because it has no ionizing radiation. After pathogens are destroyed, the body heals itself by going through its own mechanism of detoxification to get rid of accumulated waste. This treatment is extremely effective in microbial based diseases...Read More Multiple Frequencies


Overall Frequency machine at DKWS


Zapper is used to kill parasites, bacteria, viruses, molds and fungi electrically. It is battery operated and can be easily used on a wrist. It energizes the blood stream that enables the body to push out the pathogenic load. A typical session lasts for one hour while a person can relax. While the body goes through a detoxification, proper nutritional supplementation is helpful to heal the body...Read More Zapper

Plate Zapper Stimulation on a tray at DKWS

Plate Zapper

Plate zapper is a targeted way of zapping to reach specific organs electrically. It targets to specific parasites in specific organs. It zaps the parasites as well as energizes the immune system to get rid of unwanted toxins. Proper supplementation helps to detoxify the body without going through much discomfort of body healing itself while throwing out the toxic waste. It can be used as a prevention as well as if one is goint through some diseased state...Read More Plate Zapper