Happiness Defined

Happiness is defined as a mental or emotional state of well being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. However, the first step towards being happy is from the physical body so that it is able to feel the emotions to enjoy the pleasure of being happy.

Achievement of Happiness

Happiness is achieved through various means. Some of the examples are having a family that is cohesive, progressive and respectful. Other examples could be from the work place where the environment is productive and fair business practices are followed. A further addition could be seeing oneself being healthy from mind, body and intellect.

Need for Happiness

Everyone likes to move forward in life. If life does not have activities in it, it gets boring. A desire to move forward is created in every human being by the creator. However, in everyday’s life many things happen with or without our asking for them. Sometimes we are so bogged down with troubles that we look for happiness elsewhere to keep going. Without happiness, life would be dull and unworthy of living. Who wants to lead a life where there is no hope, no challenge and no progress? So, we look ways to be happy at all times.

How to find Happiness

We first identify what makes us happy and then look for those activities, do them, get the desired results and then get happy. The example of such would be if we are out of shape and knowing that getting in shape would make us happy. In this scenario, we would explore the places that help us to get back in shape e.g. gyms, nutritionists, diet plans, body wraps, cosmetic surgeons etc. We would then choose the activity that think would give us the best results. We then act and get the desired results. This makes us happy.

How Happiness improves quality of life

Happy people become productive in life. They bring harmony within, with each other and in society. They become loving, positive and support each other for progress. The biological system of a happy person works optimally and keeps him/her healthy at the levels of mind, body and soul. Is Happiness difficult to find? Not really. It depends on one’s quest to find happiness. When you walk the right way with DKWS you realize that…

Happiness is not too far