Happiness at Home

Really speaking, a prosperous home needs happiness. Without happiness in the home it is not a home at all. Home is a place where all members of a family reside together. In order for them to grow continuously in different parts of life evenly, happiness is a necessity and need that cannot be undermined.

Why is happiness important at home?

From the very get go when a child is born, having happy parents is a blessing. This happiness will get into the life of the baby and the up brining will be influenced by how the parents treat the baby. Angry parents will make the baby (man in formation) angry who will carry those angry feelings for rest of his/her life. In contrast, happy parents will bring a beautiful and a balanced child into the world where those happy feelings will be distributed in the world. Happiness is important for the growing children when there are more than one in a family. They learn with each other. Some are more loving and caring than the others. The happier they are, the easier it getson the parents to be able to continue their responsibilities in order to raise the children. If the parents are happy and share this happiness with their children on an everyday basis, the outcome is great.

What can I do to become a happy parent?

The first step towards becoming a parent is to know that parenting is demanding. Therefore, you need to make sure you are physically well to take care of many every day chores in the house. For that you have to be in good physical and mental health. If you feel energetic and healthy, the demands of the house and family can be handled much better than if you are sick. If you don’t feel well, it is almost your obligation to seek wellness so that you do feel good and happy, and project this happiness to your family. This will bring overall happiness in the entire family for the benefit of each member of the family and the society.

How does happiness at home elevate the society?

If you are a happy person, you bring happiness to your family. Now one happy person makes 3-5 (arbitrary number of family members) people happy. When these people go out and interact with other people, they will make them happy because they bring happiness with them. These friends or other people will do the same thing and the snowball effect will start. Realize that we cannot lift everyone to the highest level of happiness but we can always sow the seeds. Little by little our efforts will start bearing the fruit and we will notice the change and we can all say it out loud that....

Happiness is not too far