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Body Wraps

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  • Welcome To Dr. Kaur's

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  • Body Wrap by Slimmerbody

    Our clients generally sustain inch loss for 4-6 weeks after the initial wrap. Some come back to get touch-ups that really help show off their physique, or an additional wrap for progressive results each wrap. Read More
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    Fat Burner is needed to induce thermogenesis, the step towards weight loss. Guarana in Fat Burner possesses stimulant properties and supports mental alertness along with fighting fatigue. Read More
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    Meditation is a way to connect within oneself and realize the driving force for the human body. Although human body seems to be the active form, it is actually the mind that is the directing power. Read More
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The Body Wrap

The Body Wrap is one of the most exciting services offered at the spa. Have you ever been out with your friends on a “night on the town” and found that you were lacking in energy? That you just couldn’t get up on the dance floor to do that one last number? Well our Body Wrap is a solution to that problem. Since our Body Wrap is not only a detoxification service but also a slimming service, you get two benefits in one. Most of our clients lose 8-20 inches overall and report better energy, more drive, and most importantly, the urge to live better. The benefits of the Body Wrap however, constantly pay out. Our clients generally sustain inch loss for 4-6 weeks after the initial wrap, and some come back to get touch-ups that really help show off their physique. The body wrap is a “wet” service, meaning you are wrapped with mineral solution-soaked ACE bandages for one hour, while our technician reapplies the solution every 20 minutes. In the one hour that it takes to complete our Body Wrap, there is a mix of light exercise and massaging that helps optimize results.

Our Vibrator Exerciser is a very popular machine because it loosens fat while our solution has time to work its’ magic. Our solution works in two ways. First, it penetrates the skin to get inside the pores and open them up, resulting in detoxification. But it also gets deeper when exercise and massage is involved because specific areas are being consistently stimulated to improve inch loss. Our clients usually report 8-20 inches of overall inch loss and keep it off for 4-6 weeks! Even more impressive is the fact that if more Body Wraps are involved, more results are gained. Many of our clients have purchased a Package of 5 Body Wraps and have achieved astounding results with each progressive Wrap. We have had clients come to us before and during the summer season for our Body Wrap. It is a safe, effective way to drop inches and look good in all the right areas, as well as a service that gives you the energy you need to keep looking and feeling your best. Our Body Wrap is undoubtedly one of the most popular services, because our clients can usually see immediate results, and they often remark to us how their special event went. Some clients come for Body Wraps before Weddings, Birthday Parties, Family Reunions, and especially Dates with special someones. The extra confidence gained from our inch-loss/detoxification service is bar none, and our clients can attest to that. We want you to experience the extra confidence and energy gained from our Body Wrap and biotin pills, so come in and try it today! We can guarantee you’ll lose 8-20 inches and your body will be detoxified in the process. If you want more energy, a better body, and a fantastic you, then come in and get the Body Wrap. It won’t disappoint.


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